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Maine Guide

Certified Wildlife Tracker

Sandra Mitchell is a 2020 graduate of the Maine Master Naturalist program, a Registered Maine Guide, as well as a level 3 certified wildlife tracker. She has had a lifelong interest in "all things wild" which started with birdwatching, and then progressed to learning about what the birds were eating.....what habitat they were using....and has worked it's way through the ecosystem to studying everything from geology to mosses to tracks and sign to bugs.  If it lives in Maine, Sandra has probably wondered about it and looked it up at some point in time. If she doesn't know the answer, she'll probably know where to find it! She loves teaching others about the world that surrounds us, and regularly takes small groups on walking tours as well as teaching large gatherings on online platforms or in person.

Lynx, outdoor photography, guided natural history trips, nature, wildlife, nature walks, guided walks


Sandra's interest in photography developed over many years from a desire to capture the essence of the interesting diversity of the wild world.  Although it started with a more documentary bent, she has also explored the more artistic side of photography, but always focusing primarily on the world around us. Whether it is capturing a sunrise lighting the cliffs of Acadia, working for that perfect macro shot of a jumping spider, or enjoying the Milky Way with some astrophotography, she will enjoy the challenge. Looking to improve your photography skills? Sandra loves both to teach and to learn alongside you.


Lynx, outdoor photography, guided natural history trips, nature, wildlife, nature walks, guided walks

Sandra's has been a whitewater canoeist for over 20 years,  and has raced across the northeast, including winning 2 divisions in the  Downriver Open Whitewater National Championships. She has completed the longest canoe race in the world twice - the 1,000 mile Yukon River Canoe race, as well as the "shorter" 460 mile race multiple times. Of course, she still loves the slow and comfortable pace of picking around the shore of a quiet lake or beautiful river, looking to see what nature has to offer.  She has taught classes on canoeing and is happy to guide beginners and advanced parties alike!

Whether going for a bird walk, foraging plants, canoeing on a river or lake, or snowshoeing through the woods - nature always has secrets and stories for us to tease apart and discover. Join her for a guided natural history walk, outdoor photography tour, or guided canoe trip in mid-Coast Maine or the Acadia area!

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